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Do Pets Go To Pet Heaven?

Pets actually got to pet heaven which we refer to as the “Rainbow Bridge” This is where they enjoy a new everlasting life  with other pets as they run and play. Although we cannot hear or see them, they in turn hear and see us.

At some point in our lifetime we will go to heaven, and our companion at that point will reunite with us to cross the rainbow bridge together never to part again. We then will both live an everlasting life together.

The Rainbow Bridge poem explains this in more detail. As we once lived our lives together on earth we will rejoice in the place we call pet heaven together with our companion.


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Pets are People Too

Pets are just like people in many ways. We speak to them, spend precious time with them, take them on trips with us and many much more. They are members of the family is what they actually are.

In the  past the recognition we provided our companions was much different. They were just a pet that we knew we had to provide food for and water. Today many pet parents acknowledge their pets in a whole different way. They are not bashful when it comes time to spend on them. They want whats best for them just like a human member of the family. This is one of the reasons why the aftercare for pets has grown significantly in recent years.

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This past weekend we were part of a community event called Avon Day in Avon Connecticut. By being part of this event we offered valuable information as to how we serve pet parents with the loss of their companion.
Since this is a new service in the Connecticut area, all the people were very receptive to it. Many questions were asked about what we do. Many people did not realize that a service like this exists in other areas of the country. Being the first of its kind in our area, created much Interest.
Pet parents acknowledge the loyalty their companion offered them during their lifetime. Because of this is why many offer the same loyalty back when the end has finally come to say goodbye.

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