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Grief is something that noone ever wants to experience in their lifetime. Unfortunately it is part of life. Grief comes in different ways. We grieve from the loss of a human family member. We grieve from the loss of a pet. They are very similiar in fashion and meaning.

There is no quick way to overcome the time that it takes to go through the grieving period. There are 5 stages of grief that one will experience in recovering from loss.

They are the following:

These are the Elizabeth Kubler Ross stages of grief:

  • Denial: “This cannot happen to me!”
  • Anger: “Why did this happen to me? Who’s to blame for this?”
  • Bargaining: “Just let me live ’til my daughter’s wedding, and I’ll do anything”
  • Depression: “I am too sad to do anything”
  • Acceptance: “I’m at peace with what is coming”.

Take the time needed to work your way through these stages of grief. Everyone is different when something like this occurs. Only you know when you have worked through these and overcome the difficulty dealing with the loss.


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