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Winter Once Again!

Here it comes that cold winter season when we have to take special care of our cherished companions when they go outdoors. It is especially important to keep in mind that proper attire needs to be worn to keep them warm to avoid frost bite. So many times I have seen this and it is very dangerous should this occur. Furthermore, over the holidays it is a good idea to be cautious especially when family and guests will be visiting and the door will be opening and closing frequently. May everyone have a safe and happy holiday this holiday season.


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Well, finally Spring is approaching and the weather will be getting warmer for our companions.  Spring is such a great time to get them out after spending much time indoors during the Winter months.  A nice long walk will allow them to gain the exercise they so much need to remain healthy.  The famous “ride in the car” with the window down and the wind blowing in their face is a favorite among many. Visits to the park and mingling with the others is always a fun and exciting thing to do.  The main thing is that you allow them the time they need to adjust to the change in season and to do the things they love to do.

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Winter On Our Doorstep

Winter is right on our doorstep and it is important that we remember to keep our companions warm as it does get quite cold when you take them for a walk. It is also important to remember to keep the house warm especially if you have indoor pets. As we all know they do not like to go out in the snow although all if need be we have to make it accessible for them. Jackets and boots are appropriate although many times they will not allow you to put them on and that’s okay. So in the end it’s important to keep them comfortable throughout the winter months.

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Winter Approaching

As winter is approaching we need to take special care of our companions most importantly keeping them warm
Coats & jackets are most appropriate for this especially if you plan on taking them outside for walks,  play or a ride in the car.

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Spring is Here!

Springtime has arrived be sure to get your pets up to date will all vaccinations. April is animal Awareness Month. We honor those individuals who play a role.
We celebrate Earth Day April 22nd. This day is how we recognize the environment and the evolvement of planet earth.

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